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Interview with Erica L. Satifka, Author of How to Get to Apocalypse and Other Disasters

I'm dead happy to welcome Erica L. Satifka back to Parsecs & Parchment. I'm firmly of the opinion she's one of the most exciting writers out there at the mo. If you've not read her stuff yet check out my reviews of her rural cyberpunk novella BUSTED SYNAPSES and her new short story collection HOW... Continue Reading →

Interview with Matt Blairstone, Founder of Tenebrous Press

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Matt Blairstone, founder of new independent horror publisher Tenebrous Press. Matt and I chat about horror films, his journey into making comics, publishing ethics, Tenebrous' new gothic horror collection, novella submissions and more! This was a genuinely amazing interview. Matt is a gem and Tenebrous is one... Continue Reading →

Author Interview: Yaroslav Barsukov

Yaroslav Barsukov is the Nebula-nominated author of Tower of Mud and Straw, the new genre-defying novella from Metaphorosis books (though with a heavy element of gaslamp fantasy in this humble reviewer's opinion). Described as 'a Tower of Babel story with a hero haunted by his fate', it tells the tale of Shae Ashcroft, a disgraced... Continue Reading →

Author Interview: Corey J. White

Hi Corey, thanks so much for doing the interview! I've just finished your newest book, Repo Virtual, and absolutely loved it. How have you found the experience of releasing a book this year? It's been tough, to be honest. When you spend so much time planning, researching, writing and editing a book, you really hope... Continue Reading →

Author Interview: Erica L. Satifka

Hi Erica, thanks so much for doing the interview! First of all, congrats on the release of your new book, Busted Synapses. How has it been writing a new book in the hellscape that is 2020? Despite the book's similarity to current events, I actually wrote this book a few years before the pandemic. However,... Continue Reading →

Author Interview: Deck Matthews

Deck Matthews, author of The Riven Realm and Varkas Tales Hi Deck, first off thanks so much for doing the interview! How are you? How have you been spending your time during the craziness of 2020? My pleasure! I'm doing okay, just dealing with the general craziness of the current state of the world. I'm... Continue Reading →

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