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Hail adventurer of worlds fantastical, science fictional and horrific. I’m Jonny, sometimes known roundabout these parts as JonBob. I blog about books and stuff, mostly of the speculative variety. Expect fantasy, science fiction and a smattering of horror from time to time.

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You catch me at a busy time for the blog, with a few little projects on the go. That’s cos I’m a judge on this year’s Subjective Chaos Kind of Awards panel and will be doing my best to read and review all the nominations in time for judging. What’s the Subjective Chaos Kind of Awards you ask? Click here and have a mosey on over for an introduction and peruse this year’s nominees. It’s a doozy.

In the midst of that I’m having a little bit of a reorientation of the blog towards reviewing small press fiction. Mainly cos I want to read more of it, but also cos there’s so many brilliant writers out there who just don’t get the marketing budget of the big publishers.

I’m also looking for people who want to write some discussion posts about themes in fiction from a left wing, and specifically anticapitalist perspective e.g. stuff like ‘Individualistic Resistance in Cyberpunk’ or ‘Fantasy’s Obsession With Royalty’. I’m open to any and all ideas, broad strokes or hyper-specific, so if you have an idea and want to write it up, definitely do pitch it to me and I’d love to give it a home.

I’m currently closed to review requests cos my TBR is just too darn unwieldy right now. Please don’t contact me about reviews at the mo, I simply don’t have time to review any unsolicited books. However, if you’re an author, publisher or fellow book lover and just want to say hi and chat about books, leave a comment on one of my posts or follow me on Twitter @SFFjonbob.

Happy reading bookwyrms!

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