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Reading update 04/10/2020

Recently Finished: SOURDOUGH by Robin Sloan
This was such a delightful book. It’s basically just the story of a computer programmer who finds happiness in baking bread when her favourite soup and sandwich takeout closes and the owners gift her their (possibly sentient?) sourdough starter. It was recommended to me by eriophora (@BasiliskBooks) on Twitter when I asked for some nice gentle reads with little stress (I’m really feeling the need for those types of stories right now) and this really hit that spot. The highest the stakes get is wondering whether or not Lois will get a spot at the local farmers market. I loved it and if you want something nice and wholesome about someone just learning to be happy then I would definitely recommend Sourdough.

Currently Reading: THE AFFAIR OF THE MYSTERIOUS LETTER by Alexis Hall
I’m a few chapters in to this one and already I absolutely adore it. It’s a sort of Lovecraftian lesbian Sherlock Holmes reimagining where ‘Holmes’ is a drug-addled sorceror tasked to investigate the attempted blackmail of her former lover. Told from the perspective of ‘Watson’ (Captain John Wyndham) the duo are beset by criminals, menaced by pirates, harassed by vampires, almost devoured by mad gods, and called upon to punch a shark. It’s a joyous, bizarre and unapologetically fun story and again, a perfect fit for the kinds of stories I feel like reading at the mo.

Tor Books sent me this ARC and I can’t tell you how excited I am to read it. It’s Nghi Vo’s follow up to her majestic The Empress of Salt and Fortune, which was a story whose words flowed through my mind like silk over soft skin. Set in the same world and part of The Singing Hills Cycle, it’s nevertheless a standalone that reunites us with the cleric Chih, who finds themself and their companions at the mercy of a band of fierce tigers who ache with hunger. To stay alive until the mammoths can save them, Chih must unwind the intricate, layered story of the tiger and her scholar lover – a woman of courage, intelligence, and beauty – and discover how truth can survive becoming history.

Let me know in the comments what you’re reading at the mo, I love to chat about the books we’re all reading. And hey, if you enjoyed this update why not follow the blog for more reviews and bookish chat.


14 thoughts on “Reading update 04/10/2020

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    1. I’ve not read any of her stuff. She wrote a bunch of well received Star Wars books right? Calvin convinced me I should mebs be reading Star Wars EU novels a while back but I just haven’t got round to it yet.

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      1. She’s written one Star Wars book that was solid; I think the author you’re thinking of was Claudia Gray, she’s done a lot of great stuff in the new EU. Rebecca Roanhorse wrote two non-Star Wars books, Trail of Lightning and Storm of Locusts. I loved Trail of Lightning, it’s post-apocalyptic monster hunting in a near future where the Navajo raised a magic barrier around their lands and decided the rest of the world could deal with its problems. Just shy of 300 pages, quick read but good!

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    1. How have you found it? I’ve heard great things but for whatever reason it just hasn’t struck a chord with me yet as a ‘must read’. Reckon I need to re-evaluate?


  1. Ooooo, Sourdough sounds great (I loved Mr Penumbra’s 24-Hour Book Store), as does The Affair of the Mysterious Letter (I am always here for different takes on Sherlock Holmes). And I really REALLY need to get on Nghi Vo especially when you describe her writing that way! *swoon*
    Me, I’m reading Ian McDonald’s Luna: New Moon (vicious!) for the blog, and am rereading Fforde’s Thursday Next books for comfort.
    Hope you’re doing OK, JonBob?

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    1. I’m def gonna read Mr Penumbra’s 24 Book Store after enjoying Sourdough so much 🙂 I just looked up Luna: New Moon and it sounds like everything I love in a sci-fi fi novel! I’m about as anti-capitalist as it gets irl but I love reading about powerful corporations in dystopian science fiction novels haha.

      You def should read The Empress of Salt and Fortune, it’s gorgeous (and really short!)

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      1. Ha ha! Hard agree on what you like in scifi versus irl! 😆 And so far these powerful families in Luna are soo corrupt – it’s fab!
        Hope you enjoy Mr Penunbra when you read it. I’ll pull my finger out and purchase Vo’s Empress!

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    1. Hahaha I thought the exact same thing! The person who recommended it to me actually was baking a lot of sourdough during lockdown haha, so they possibly did read this around the same time 😄

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